Passport Renewal Online

Passport Renewal Online: An Indian passport is usually valid for 10 years from the date of issued. Passport renewal required before or when existing passport expired. You can not renew passport more than one year before the expiration date of your current passport. When a new passport issued, an old passport will be canceled and return to applicant. Applicant’s old visa in old passport are not canceled and can be used till the expiration date of Visa.

People get confused between Passport Renew and Passport re-issue. Both are different from each other.Given below is a detailed explanation of the difference between passport renewal and re-issue.

Passport Renewal Online

Different Between Passport Renewal Online & Passport re-issue.

1. Old passport is not mandatory.1. Old passport is mandatory.
2. A new passport is issued with a new passport number.2. Same old passport is returned but with extended validity.
3. You can ask for re-issue of passport if Passport is Lost, Stolen, Expired or about to expire.3. You can only renew a short validity passport. E.g., validity of 1 to 5 years.
4. Fess & Charges is same as a new passport.4. Renewal of Passport is Free of Charges
  • Passport Renewal: Renewal of your passport is if you have a passport that was issued for a short validity (1 to 5 Years). It can be renewed to extend its validity for a period up to 10 years from the date of issue. The Passport number does not change the only validity of passport is extended.
  • Passport Re-issue: In the case of re-issue passport, a new booklet is issued with a new passport number. A Passport which has completed its life of 10 years cannot be renewed. Passport re-issued in following conditions.
    • Expired passport
    • Lost passport
    • Stolen passport
    • Damage passport
    • Soiled passport
    • Change in personal details in the passport.

How to Renew Passport in India?

For applicants who want to apply for passport online, renew of passport is five steps process. Following are the process of Renew  Passport Online.

Login Or Register to Passport Seva Kendra Website

  • Go to the Passport Seva website.
  • Click on Register Now, If you are new User, Otherwise Click on Log in Now
  • Now fill the form to create an account on the Passport Seva website. You need to select the passport office of the city you’re living in now, not your native place.
  • Click on Register for filling form details.
  • Now that you have created your account to the Passport Seva website.
  • Click the Login button.
  • Enter your email address and click Continue.
  • Enter password and characters in an image. Click Login.

Choosing Application Type

  • Click Apply for Fresh Passport/Reissue of Passport.
  • You can apply for a Renew of a passport using two alternatives:
    • You can download the soft copy of the form. Fill offline and upload to a website.
    • You can fill the application form online.

Filling Application Form.

  • Enter your personal information like name, address, education qualification, etc.
  • Enter Your Family Details. Click Next
  • Enter Your Resident Address. Click Next
  • Enter Emergency Contact Detail. Click Next
  • Previous Passport Detail. Click Next
  • Click on I Agree Button and Click on Submit Form Button.

Schedule, Pay and Book Appointment.

You will then have to schedule an appointment to visit the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) where you will have to present yourself.

  • Click View Saved/Submitted Applications.
  • You’ll see the application you just submitted. Click the radio button next to it and click Pay and Schedule Appointment.
  • Select your mode of payment. You can choose from two payment methods
    • Online Payment
    • Challan Payment
  • A list of Passport Seva Kendras from your city will appear on screen along with the date and time of the earliest available appointment.
  • Select one of these from the drop-down menu next to Passport Seva Kendra  Location.
  • Click Pay and Book Appointment.
  • This will now take you to the payment gateway. Complete your payment, and you’ll be redirected to the Passport Seva website.

Print Receipt

After payment complete, a copy of your application. A print receipt is required when you were visiting Passport Seva Kendra.

Documents Required For Renew Of Passport.

Now all you need to do is go to the PSK at the time mentioned in the receipt. You mast have all the following required documents for Passport;

  • Original old Passport.
  • Self-attested copy of the first two and last two pages.
  • Self-attested copy of the ECR/Non-ECR page.
  • Self-attested copy of the page of observation, if any, made by Passport Issuing Authority.
  • Self-attested copy of the validity extension page, if any, in respect of short validity passport.
  • Proof of documents which eliminate the cause of issuance of Short Validity Passport (SVP)

Frequently Asked Question About Passport Renewal.

Q1. What will the validity of my passport be after renewal?

Ans: The validity of passport would be decided by Assistant Passport Officer /RPO. The maximum validity granted is ten years.

Q2. Do I require a passport agent to renew my passport?

Ans: Currently, the system is clear and transparent, so you do not need an agent. You can complete the process by yourself. If the applicant is illiterate or requires an attorney’s help, then they can approach an agent.

Q3. How will I receive my renewed passport?

Ans: For passport renewal, you will not receive a new booklet. The validity mentioned on the passport will be changed. The same booklet will be handed back to you.

Q4. Do I have to submit my original documents or will a copy suffice?

Ans: You are required to carry your original documents to the passport office for your appointment. You need only to submit self-attested copies of your documents. Your original documents will be used for verification and given back to you.

Q5. My application form has a mistake. How do I correct it?

Ans: You cannot make corrections to your form online once it is submitted. You can visit the Passport Seva Kendra. Ask the Citizen Service Executive to make the change.

Q6. What are the charges for renewing my passport?

Ans: If you are renewing your passport, meaning you are extending the validity on your existing passport, there are no charges.




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